What Is A Conservator?

A conservator is chosen to protect and manage the personal care and/or finances of an individual who has been found by a judge unable to do so.

A conservator of the estate manages the assets of the protected person for his or her benefit under the supervision of the court. The conservator may invest or reinvest the funds of the estate as a trustee would with compliance of the prudent investor rule.

A conservator of the person arranges care and protection for the conservatee. The conservator decides where the conservatee will live and is in charge of health care, food, clothes, personal care, housekeeping, transportation, and recreation.

We Can Help

Whether you need a conservator of the estate or a conservator of the person, we can help.

Our personnel are bondable California licensed Professional Fiduciaries and have been court appointed to serve as conservators. We are committed to providing dedicated and compassionate services to meet the needs and circumstances of each and every client, including residency, health care, recreation, and rehabilitation issues. We seek to restore peace and facilitate conflict resolution among family members and related parties.